About CFSH

ChessFish Tokenomics

The ChessFish token is unique in the web3 gaming world because by holding the ChessFish token you own part of the revenue stream of the ChessFish platform.

There is a fixed supply of 1,000,000 ChessFish tokens.

Chess.Fish Tokenomics

Fee Structure:

  • For each 1v1 chess game on the ChessFish platform, there is a 5% fee.
  • For each tournament on the ChessFish platform, there is a 7% fee.

Revenue Distribution:

  • 100% of all accumulated fees go to the ChessFish token holders.
  • If you own 10% of the total supply of the ChessFish tokens, you will receive 10% of all the revenue earned by the ChessFish platform.

CFSH Dividend Calculator

Estimated Monthly Revenue: $0.00

Estimated Yearly Revenue: $0.00

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