Getting Started
Create a Wager

Create 1v1 Chess Wager

Follow the steps below to create a 1v1 match on ChessFish:

1. Navigate to the "Create a Challenge" page on the ChessFish app

2. Select the address of the token you will be wagering

If you do not want to wager a token, simply select a token and set the amount to zero. If you do not see the token you wish to wager, paste the address directly.

3. Select the address of your opponent or select anonymous pairing

Choosing anonymous pairing allows you to create a wager that any willing participant can accept and play against you.

4. Select the amount of the token you will be wagering and the time limit for the entire wager

5. If you are wagering tokens, click the "Approve Tokens" button

6. Click "create wager" to create the wager