ChessFish is a web3 chess platform, backed by Arbitrum Grants (opens in a new tab).

Chess.Fish Docs


ChessFish is a web3 chess platform built on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and is designed for players to engage in one-on-one games or tournaments with up to 25 participants.

ChessFish allows players to wager cryptocurrency on the outcomes of their games. Although designed to handle wagers, on ChessFish players can also play chess without betting crypto.

On the ChessFish platform, users can:

  • Create 1v1 chess matches
  • Create tournaments with up to 25 players

The protocol is built with immutable smart contracts, ensuring a decentralized and censorship-resistant chess platform.

Currently, ChessFish is live on Abitrum.

Read the full whitepaper here (opens in a new tab).