Purpose of ChessFish

From the ChessFish Whitepaper:

“The purpose of ChessFish is to serve as a neutral intermediary between two or more parties wishing to play chess while betting cryptocurrency on the outcome.”1

ChessFish: An Innovative Chess Platform

Why ChessFish When There Are Sites like Lichess.com and Chess.com?

ChessFish stands apart. It's a platform where users can compete in chess for money, but in a completely trustless manner.2 It's only at the highest levels that chess players get the opportunity to play for money in tournaments.

Problems of Traditional Chess Platforms and Chess Associations

ChessFish's Mission

  • Beyond Politics: ChessFish aims to transcend chess from being a political game. It advocates for the right of every player to participate in tournaments without facing barriers for political, cultural, or racial reasons.
  • Trustless Environment: ChessFish is dedicated to empowering players to enjoy chess in a trustless environment, free from the complications of centralization.


  1. ChessFish Whitepaper (opens in a new tab)

  2. Players are not obligated to bet tokens for playing 1v1 games or participating in tournaments on ChessFish, provided the game's rules are set accordingly.